Successful Betting provides educational betting information and advice from ex-pro backer Mick Taylor. His information is guaranteed to make you think more about your betting habits. Don't listen to tipster waffle any longer. Are they making money when YOU lose? Get decent info from a private handicapper with over 35 years experience who backs for 4 months only, in the "Golden period" of the Flat. This is a must have item in your betting portfolio for The Flat Season 2016.

"I teach people how not to bet"  - Mick Taylor April 2001

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I join Successful Betting?

Because you can not only learn a great deal from a handicapper with over 35 years experience but should also make a respectable profit by following the information using a strict non emotional state of mind.

What is the likelihood of me losing my money?

I can honestly say that if you had followed my information religiously as per the letter of the law you would have lost very little. I have had only 3  losing years in 11 years of service. Last year 2012 was particularly poor but still ok and in profit, I hope to rectify that in 2013.

I noticed some minor criticism of you methods on the message board. How do you answer this?

There are some great testimonials also but it does take massive discipline to follow me because I'm backing at prices that are above average. This leads to long losing runs at times which is difficult for many punters and they give up and lose faith. In fact in 2010 I had my worst start ever and many clients departed my service. This made me more determined to succeed and succeed I did producing a near £3,000 profit to advised stakes in my final month of August which would have recovered all loses from the new subscribers that gave up. That was very disappointing for me personally but overall if you stick with it for the whole 4 months and follow me correctly and as advised, it is very unlikely that based on previous results anyone will lose money.

What do you consider the best part of your service?

I only operate for 4 months in the "Golden Period" of the flat. Others try all year which is virtually impossible. My service is specialized and can run as an additional area to your own money making portfolio. Without sounding arrogant, I am a very good handicapper and any handicapper with my experience should not be in the business if he cannot make it pay. The service is very good value for money. (not my words) The in depth analysis not only produces winners but I know how the horses will run and I try to put myself in the minds of the trainers.

What is your favourite time of the year?

It goes with out saying that Royal Ascot is my time although I have had some major disasters also. However, these pale into insignificant when you count my big handicap successes. These include 2 Hunt Cup/Wokingham Doubles, 2 Buckingham Palace handicap wins and 3 successive Britannia Handicaps and many more smaller handicaps. When you consider the prices are between 20-1 and 50-1 for these races it will take many many failures to end up in a loss scenario.

What is your free service like?

My free service commences at the start of the flat in March when I document my preparation during April. This is when I highlight my future selections for the forthcoming months and punters can decide whether they wish to join us at the main start on 1 May. This is when my main bank and staking starts in earnest. I also send out emails of interest during the close season. Just fill in the form (The Handicapper) on this page to become a free member for all year round FREE types of information 

Please Note: I answer every email sent to me personally so if you do require an more information on Successful Betting please don't hesitate to contact me.